Bitcoin Blockchain Document Certification

HodiePass generates and verifies proof of existence
of digital documents or digital archives.


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Blockchain verification

HodiePass certifies any digital document on the Bitcoin Blockchain, guaranteeing maximum privacy. The certification attests the existence and immutability of a digital document, guaranteeing that it cannot be subsequently modified.


NFT Creation

HodiePass creates artistic NFTs in Bitcoin or Ethereum Blockchain and transfers them to Wallet or keeps them in the HodiePass Vault. Our NFT Managers will guide you in the artistic definition of your NFTs and in the commercial positioning in the market through


NFT authentication

HodiePass certifies the existence of an NFT by verifying the hash keys in the source blockchain, producing a subsequent certificate, also in the blockchain. Protect your digital assets and secure your buyers.

The legal value

The EU Regulation n ° 910/2014 – eIDAS

The blockchain document validation system is a reality and European law has implemented it. The registration of the document through the blockchain produces the effects of the electronic time stamp, remaining the inversion of the burden of proof on the counterparty. Obviously, the degree of reliability of the blockchain will matter, based on the level of hash rate, and Bitcoin is the best choice.



How Bitcoin Blockchain Works

Only Bitcoin is suitable for guaranteeing immutability

of the stored data.

Private blockchains are not secure by their very nature, while the security level of a public blockchain, without authorization and associated with high hash power, is certain. The hash rate, or hash power, is the unit of measurement of the computing power that a cryptocurrency needs to stay functional.



Application area

HodiePass allows the insertion of a unique and deterministic code (hash) on any digital document (text, audio, video). In this way it is possible to prove the insertion date (timestamp) and the correspondence of the deposited document. The process proves the existence and immutability of a digital document, guaranteeing that it cannot be modified afterwards.


Art & Collectibles

The world of art and collecting are among the fields of application of blockchain certification. Owning an NfT that certifies the existence of a work or certifies its ownership increases the commercial value of the work itself.


Public administration

We can safely manage the digital public register, including registry office, cadastral information, judicial reports, etc. We reduce PA times and costs by introducing decentralized processes



Industrial processes, even in different sectors, must be traceable, be part of a supply chain and protected from counterfeiting. Simplify and optimize your business organization with the Blockchain.



Blockchain technology makes it possible to trace the entire supply chain from the raw material from the product to the shelf and information relating to production, transport and conditions; a real guarantee for the customer.


Health care

The blockchain is an intelligent solution that allows medical data to be collected, stored, analyzed and crossed for scientific, commercial or medical purposes, with an absolute guarantee of security and without personal information on patients being revealed, not even when calculating the nodes of the platform.



Blockchain technology enables the decentralized management of digital archives for documents, contracts, property and assets of the public and private sector. The data is verified and protected from voluntary or accidental counterfeiting by third parties thanks to algorithms.


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Hodie NFT Market

Hodie NFTs Marketplace is the first Italian multi-brand platform where you can find the best international NFTs. The system allows the visualization of the categories to which the NFTs belong (sport, fashion, cinema, art, influencer, music …) and the related storytelling. In this new digital era, where the rules have yet to be written, Hodie is a guarantee of quality and success.


Case History

The Italian Esports Observatory is the first Italian entity to aggregate all the players involved in the development of the Esports market. OIES has chosen HodiePass to certify its Bitcoin Blockchain certified training courses.


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