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The great added value of HodiePass lies in its team, skilled professionals in the sector who have been studying, observing and participating in the digital evolution.


Silicon Lake

Silicon Lake is an innovative and international startup that thrives on collaboration and exploration. Our main goal is to make the blockchain ecosystem understandable and applicable to every business.


Bcademy is the Academy of cryptocurrency and blockchain based technologies, an international network dedicated to teaching and consulting on all competencies related to the unprecedented economic and technological universe resulting from the decentralization revolution. The knowledge of Bcademy has become of strategic importance to face the economic challenges of the present and to correctly address the current entrepreneurial, technological and financial developments related to the birth and consolidation of Bitcoin.


Studio Legale Simbula

Simbula Law Firm has a relevant experience in TLC, IP, media and fashion, corporate, labor laws, cyberlaw, cybercrimes, crypto-currencies, having provided assistance to Italian and international companies leader in their sectors.The Firm provides assistance to companies operating in a vast range of field, including robotics and automation, social networking, internet of things, bitcoin, e-commerce, etc..The firm provide continuos assistance to companies in their daily corporate activities and maintenance of the General Terms and Conditions (both B2B and B2C) as well as privacy policies, cookies guidance, and compliance with general terms and conditions of third parties (such as Apple Store and Google Market)Massimo Simbula as a strong international background having provided assistance to Italian and foreign government and international banks in the privatization process of companies operating in TLC sector and assistance to primary international companies operating worldwide in the IT and fashion industry.

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